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Minimize Energy Loss……………………

Your garage is probably the most energy INefficient room of your home.

An insulated garage door can reduce energy loss through your garage by up to 71 percent (hello savings on your PGE bill!). An insulated garage door will also prevent your garage and your car from becoming uncomfortably warm during the hot summer months as well. And finally, some insulated doors also offer the benefit of soundproofing. You can finally start that garage band!

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More than a home for your car………

Of course the main purpose of your garage is to provide some degree of shelter for your vehicles. Most of us use it for extra storage space too (where did all this stuff come from??). Did you know that your garage is probably the most energy inefficient room of your house? This may be in part, due to your garage door.

How do I know?

Well, one “industry standard” measurement for measuring thermal resistance of various construction materials is called the R VALUE. For example, it measures the amount of thermal conductivity (cold or heat) that is able to pass through a wall. Therefore, the higher a material’s R-value, the better it will be for providing insulation= energy efficiency.
There are a couple of things to consider when choosing the right R-value for your home. First, is your garage attached or detached? If it’s detached and insulated, go with an R-value of 10 or above. If it’s not, an R-value of six will be fine.
If your garage is attached, it’s probably already insulated too, so you’ll want an R-value of at least 12. You’ll also need to take a close look at how it’s otherwise able to deal with colder weather. In some cases, the R-value of your garage door may be high enough that you don’t need to worry about heating it. This is usually an R-value of 16, but it ultimately depends on where you live. If temperatures get below freezing in your area, your garage should be heated a little. Those of you who use your garage regularly for doing projects or playing with your kids will most likely also want to keep it heated just for the sake of comfort.

Finally, if your home is located in an environment that gets hot and humid several times a year, having a door with an R-value greater than 16 will keep your home protected from this heat and reduce your AC bill. Ready to start saving? Call Busby Door 831-594-0523


High energy bills? Consider replacing your old garage door with a new insulated model. When shopping for an energy-efficient garage door, you will find three insulating options:

Single layer doors have no insulation. …

Double layer doors include standard polystyrene insulation.

Triple layer doors feature thicker polystyrene or polyurethane insulation.

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